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Why I Quit New Year Resolutions in 2024

As January 1st rolled around, I saw and heard all the usual chatter around New Year Resolutions.  Nothing new there.  However, scrolling through social media I found just as many people denouncing resolutions as I did embracing them.  This struck me differently. 

I have always been one to make several resolutions, set big goals, and start new bullet journal trackers that I most definitely won’t fill out after 2 weeks, But I’m changing things up this year. 

Why?  Because I have come to the conclusion that these cold winter months are a time for hibernating, just like in nature.  Okay, I know we can’t physically hibernate.  But January has low energy and big coziness vibes.  It’s not exactly the time of year I want to pull out all the stops and change my life.  

Instead of taking action this January, I’m deciding to reflect.  It’s a time for journal prompts, reading self-improvement books, and daydreaming about what I want my life to look like in the future.  

In the same way I pick up my gardening book to plan my spring garden, I’m working on the ‘book of me’ (so cheesy, gross) so I can emerge in the spring refreshed, renewed, and with the right kind of blooming spring energy to take action on goals or make changes.  

New Year Reflections

I want to slow down.

As I scrolled through The Peaceful Burrow website, I realized just how much I poured into it last year.  I did SO MUCH.  I don’t even know where I found the time for that many posts and ebooks!!  This year, I’m slowing down.  One post a week is great, but I’m not going to force it if I have other things I want to work on, like another ebook or project.  

I want to slow down in all areas of my life.  I know my personality won’t necessarily let me.  I like to be active.  I like to be productive.  I like to learn and try new things.  But, I’m going to try to do things with less haste and more absorption.  I want to slow down and enjoy things instead of rushing through.

I want to buy less.

I don’t shop for myself excessively, but I want to do it even less.  I don’t enjoy shopping.  It brings anxiety and mixed feelings about trying on clothes, styles, and spending money and time on myself.  I love thrifting and will continue that hobby.  I love making and so would like to try to make more clothes.  I made 4 or 5 sweaters last year and a handful of shirts.  I would like to break out of my comfort zone and sew and crochet more or different things, maybe actually getting to my Nana’s vintage patterns this year!

I want to expand my garden.

Last year our backyard transformed from flat, empty wasteland of kids toys to a few beautiful areas of vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers.  It was magical to me to see all of that come to fruition and it was one of my greatest joys of the year.  This year I want to make it more whimsical.  I want to stuff my garden with more plants.  I want to plant flowers on a whim in random areas because when I did that last year, they were my favorite areas of the garden.  I want to expand the magic to the front yard, too.  Expanding the garden in 2023 was one of the most rewarding experiences for me and my family. 

I want to continue living that green life. 

I love living consciously and I love that I get to raise my kids this way, too.  There are so many things we do in our daily lives that I don’t even think of as being “eco-friendly” or “zero-waste.”  I want to keep noticing these things so I can help other people in their green journeys, too.  I guess this comes down to being more mindful about our habits and lifestyle.  

Do you have any goals, resolutions, or reflections for 2024?  

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