15 Supplies to start your garden this season
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The Best Gardening Products of 2023

15 Must-Have Supplies to Start Your Garden

? It’s the most wonderful time of the year ?

Spring has sprung and that means gardening season! This is basically like Christmas for me. The yard gets spruced up, we plan all our vegetables for the garden, and we tend to seedlings with patience and care.

At the end of all this, we are rewarded with ripe tomatoes, fragrant herbs, cucumbers as big as your head, and super sweet cucamelons that the kids pick off the vine daily. Ahhhh I can see, smell, and taste it already.

In honor of the gardening season, here are 15 of the best gardening products in 2023 to get your garden started.

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Jiffy 36 Peat Pellet Seed Starting Greenhouse Bundle

This was the first year I’ve used this brand and style for seed starting and I’m totally sold. The setup was so easy and clean! No scooping dirt into cups – the peat pellets just need water and expand to the ideal size for your seeds. The clear cover is perfect for creating the humidity needed for germinating seeds and the plastic tray can be reused over and over with replacement peat pellets.

Here’s my daughter helping me plant seedlings with this set:

Planting seedlings

Seedling Heat Mat for Seed Starting

I’ve had the best luck with seedlings that spend the first few days germinating on a heated surface. I just use a heating pad and set my seed tray on top, but this heating mat is made specifically for this purpose. It is waterproof, easy to clean, and easy to store when not in use.

Watering Can

I love a watering can with a narrow spout for better control. This has the option of a narrow spout and a gentle shower feature – the best of both! And it comes in a ton of cute colors! It’s an “Amazon Choice” with over 6,000 reviews. Do yourself a favor and add to your cart now.

Glass Watering Spray Bottle

We all know every garden needs a watering can, but do you also have a plant mister? Certain plants do better when watered with a mister, so do research on what you’re growing! This is also great for keeping seedlings moist between watering. And it’s so puuurtty.

Grow Light with Clip

When starting seedlings indoors, you’ll get the best results from using grow lights. These lights provide the full spectrum of light needed to grow healthy plants. I love this one in particular because it clips on, has flexible lights for varying height plants, and has a timer setting for four, eight, or twelve hours.

Window Box Grow Light

I also have this grow light. The design doesn’t offer as much flexibility with the fixture as the option above, but this little window box light looks beautiful wherever you put it! It also offers full spectrum lighting with adjustable brightness and an automatic timer.

Gardening Gloves

This 2 pack of gardening gloves is a great value. It’s another one of “Amazon’s Choice” and comes in several color sets. FYI, these are made specifically for women!

Garden Tools Set

This handy dandy gardening tool set has everything you need for light garden work (small shovels, rakes, pruning shears, etc). It comes in a compact carrying case made from environmentally-friendly materials.

Self Watering Planters

Self-watering planters have saved my indoor houseplants. Before them, I was always under or over-watering my plants. I would forget to water for a day or two, then come home to find sad, wilted houseplants. Since using self-watering planters, I only have to fill the bottom reservoir with water and the plant takes what it needs! This also makes it much easier on my house-sitter when we travel! Use these for any smaller plants you plan on keeping indoors this season!

4 Tier Greenhouse

If you’re planning an outdoor garden, but you live in a climate with unpredictable spring weather (cough cough* Chicago *cough cough), you may want to consider investing in a mini greenhouse. This was the original one I had outside on my porch. I used it for transitional periods while hardening off my seedlings (transferring from indoor to outdoor). I also loved it to store my smaller pots of herbs for easy access right off my kitchen!

This is my indoor setup now (the greenhouse cover is great for keeping my cat away!):

Indoor seedling setup

Walk-in Greenhouse

This year, I switched to this much bigger greenhouse and moved the smaller one inside. The smaller one now houses my seedlings indoors until they’re ready to harden off (March, April, and May). The larger one will have the same function of transitioning plants outdoors and housing my herbs (May and on). We’re planning a much bigger garden this year so I’m anticipating needing more space!

Here’s the new greenhouse on my porch:

Outdoor greenhouse

Don’t forget the decorations! Gardens are meant to be beautiful, whimsical, and enchanting. While you’re waiting on your seedlings to grow, deck out your garden with some flair! Choose LED and solar options for big impact, but low maintenance!

Swaying Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden Turtle

Outdoor Solar Garden Decorative Lights

Ceramic Garden Mushrooms Figurines

15 Supplies you need to get your garden started

The Best Gardening Products

Now, go forth and garden! Celebrate this wonderful season of growth and change!

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