The Best Eco-Friendly Toddler Toys
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The Best Eco-Friendly Toddler Toys

Eco-Friendly Toddler Toys

In my post, How to Eco-Parent Through the Toddler Years, I made a big deal out of eco-friendly toys. Toddler and preschool toys can and should last throughout childhood (and maybe even beyond).

What makes toys eco-friendly?

When looking for eco-friendly toys, consider what it is made from, how it is packaged, and the longevity and quality (how long it will last you).

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These are some of my favorite eco-friendly toddler toys, from a mom who has tried them all!

Favorite Eco-Friendly Toddler & Preschool Toys

Wooden Puzzles

Montessori Mama is a US company that uses only high-quality wood for their toys.

This Wooden 3D Puzzle can be done flat or built up. Made out of sustainable wood with non-toxic paints. It also has larger pieces, safe for toddlers.

Wooden Blocks

These Melissa and Doug building blocks have over 25K reviews on Amazon! They are durable and safe, are made by a green toy company, and will last your toddler for years and years.

Colorful transparent building blocks are fun for building, sorting, shape recognition, and light projection.

Wooden balancing stones are made from high quality wood and eco-friendly paint. These are an open-ended toy that will get lots of play for years to come.

Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles are on my list of eco-friendly toys. I know they are made out of plastic, however, they will serve your family for well over a decade. Which, in children’s toys, is an eternity. Every child in every age group loves magnetic tiles. They can be used from simple building designs to more grandiose educational setups. Parents, you will love them, too!

Small World Play

Toddlers don’t need much to be entertained. These Melissa and Doug wooden cars are perfect for pushing all over the house. And I love that they come in a storage tray.

Peg people are an underestimated toy. These aesthetically pleasing peg people come in several skin tones and have faces for emotional learning. They can be used all over the playroom.

Musical Instruments

This set of musical instruments has everything you need for your eco-friendly toddler. It is made out of natural wood and passes European standards for child safety.

Sensory & Art Toys

Green Toys Dough is made in the USA with recycled and organic materials from a green toy company. Safe and non-toxic, this is great for your young toddlers.

Honey sticks natural beesewax crayons are completely safe for your toddler. We know they put everything in their mouths! With their chunky design and bright colors, your little artist will love scribbling away.

Kinetic sand is sand that magically sticks together. This is a great sensory material for your toddlers and preschoolers and it is on the “eco-friendly” list because it is made out of real sand and it will last forever. Sly, as long as you don’t vacuum this up , your toddler will be playing with this for years to come.

Bath Toys

These silicone, eco-friendly bath toys are a game changer. Not only can you open them up for cleaning and drainage, they can be tossed in the dishwasher. They are from an eco-friendly company and are packaged without plastic.

Educational Toys

Number and letter boards are great for preschoolers to begin recognizing and tracing letters, numbers, and basic shapes.

These counting pegs are extremely well made and will last from preschool through elementary. Scaffolded learning instructions are included to help you get the most out of this educational toy.

Another educational favorite, these phonetic reading blocks will help preschoolers begin to read and rhyme simple 3 letter words.

Subscription Box

If you prefer to have toys sent to you every month without having to think about it, a subscription box might be for you. Lovevery is a subscription box for stage-based play. They use sustainable, organic, and natural materials for their toys and focus on all of your children’s developmental needs.

Another type of subscription box I’m loving right now is Green Kid Crafts. Created by a mom looking for less wasteful craft projects, they offer boxes for kids 3-10+ years old. Check it out here!

The Best Eco-Friendly Toddler Toys

Eco-Friendly Toddler Toys

Although this list is great for purchasing new toys, don’t forget that the most environmentally friendly toys are ones that are acquired second-hand or are repurposed from other things. (Check out this post for loose-part play ideas from household items).

Some of my kids’ favorite toys are not toys at all – but rocks, gems, sticks, and toilet paper rolls! They also love toys that were mine growing up, that you know have stood the test of time!

Any toys I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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