Best Eco-Friendly Prime Day Deals
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The Best Eco-Friendly Prime Day Deals (2023)

Deals for Eco-Parents & More!

Unless you live under a rock, I’m pretty sure you know that July 11th-12th is a much anticipated and highly celebrated event in 2023: Amazon Prime Day.

If you are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable products for your home or kids, I’ve got all the deals for you! (I also have a bonus garden section!)

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. I only link to products I have personally used or researched.

Best Eco-Friendly Prime Day Deals

Bee’s Wrap Roll

Instead of buying in individual sheets, you can now purchase bee’s wrap in a roll and customize your size. This is the perfect addition to a zero waste kitchen as these are able to be used over and over again.

Reusable Storage Bags

This 21 pack of reusable storage bags comes with 3 different sizes to cover all your needs!

Swedish Dish Cloths

A long time favorite in eco-friendly households, Swedish dish cloths can take the place of plastic sponges and disposable paper towels.

Charlie’s Soap

I mention this in my eco-friendly laundry post, but Charlie’s Soap is one of the highest rated, non-toxic laundry soaps on the market.

Sustainable Toilet Paper

I personally have an affinity to Who Gives A Crap toilet paper, but this is a great way to try out a bamboo, sustainable toilet paper before going full-on subscription.

Toothpaste Tablets

No need for disposable plastic toothpaste bottles with these toothpaste tablets!

Bamboo Toothbrushes

If you’re still using a regular plastic toothbrush, this is the most basic eco-friendly swap.

Bamboo Hairbrush

This hairbrush is half-off and has over 13,000 reviews! If you’re in the market for a new one, give this a try.

Compostable Party Kit

For all your summer party needs, compostable plates and silverware is a much more eco-conscious way to entertain your friends and family.

Bento Lunch Box for Adults

If you need a super fancy lunch box, look no further!

Best Kid-Related Prime Day Deals

Re Play Sippy Cups

We have had these Sippy cups for 4 years now. FOUR YEARS WITH A SIPPY CUP. That is just not humanly possible. All of the other ones we tried broke, leaked, got chewed up, etc. My kids are way too old for sippy cups, but I still keep them around for the occasional need. These were also our number one sippy cup for travel because they NEVER leaked.

Bentgo Stainless Steel Lunch Box

If I had $40 to spend on each kid’s lunch box (43% off!!!), this is the one I’d go for.

Eco-Friendly Wood & Plastic Free Rainbow Pencils

We have one rainbow pencil that my kids all fight over. This pack is so cool and it’s made of recycled paper instead of plastic!

Reusable Water Balloons

I see these everywhere this summer. If you’ve been putting it off because you’re unsure, now is the time to try it out with this deal.

4 in 1 Shape Sorter

A Classic Montessori favorite.

Wooden Number Puzzle

My kids have this puzzle and it definitely occupies them while helping to practice their counting skills. It’s 55% off!

Montessori Busy Board

Me, being crafty, always said I was going to make my kids one of these. I never did but you can get it on Prime Day!

Farm Box

Another Montessori toddler staple at over 50% off.

Kitchen Set

Real, working tools to help kids learn to prepare food in the kitchen.

Magnetic Tiles

This is such a great deal – 100 pieces for only $30!

Best Prime Day Deals for Your Garden

Dandelion Lights

Our neighbor has every single type of light I’m going to list here and they all look so beautiful at nighttime!

Firefly Lights

I love the giant bulbs on these sticking up between plants.

Firework Lights

These add a little pop of color!

Raised Garden Bed

This is the one that we just got and I love it. It was really easy to put together and it looks so clean in our yard!

Bird Bath Trellis

The sweetest bird bath that doubles as a trellis.

Gold Potted Plant Trellis

I don’t care if you need these are not, they are absolutely beautiful and I feel like they could be a stand alone architectural feature, even if you don’t have plants haha.

Garden Tools

If you need a new set of garden tools, these have great reviews.

Leather Gardening Gloves

These are super heavy duty and only $10.

Expandable Metal Garden Hose

I’ve seen a few households with these and they seem like they will last a lifetime.

Prime Day Deals 2023

There you have it! My prime day picks for 2023. Let me know if you decide to buy anything. A few of these are on my own list!

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