• Work Through Summer Break
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    How to Work Through Summer Break with Kids

    8 Essential Tips for Stay-at-Home Working parents Summer break is often a mixed bag of joy and chaos for stay-at-home working parents. While the warmer months bring the promise of family adventures and bonding time, they also present the challenge of managing work commitments alongside children who are off school. However, with a bit of planning and creativity, it’s entirely possible to strike a balance that allows you to thrive both personally and professionally during the summer break. Here are eight essential tips to help stay-at-home working parents navigate the summer months with ease. Want a deep dive? Check out my Summer Ebook Bundle! Establish a Flexible Schedule One of…

  • How to be Productive at Work
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    How to be Productive at Work in 5 Simple Steps

    There is nothing worse than knowing you have a full plate at work and getting derailed early in the day. You lose the wind from your sails and productivity vanishes. Before you know it, you call the whole day a wash and tell yourself you’ll start fresh tomorrow. Don’t do that to yourself! Let’s get on track and learn how to be productive at work in 5 simple steps.   No time for small talk today. Let’s dive right in! How to be productive at work in 5 simple steps Step One: Set the Vibes You may think step one is unnecessary, but I promise it will help you get and…