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Products and brands I use daily and refer to friends and family

I believe that even day-to-day life should be enchanting. That’s why I’ve put all my favorite products in one spot so my readers can easily navigate and browse through my recommendations. Welcome to The Peaceful Burrow Lifestyle Shop!

My favorites include eco-friendly and sustainable products, kid/pet/family-related things, and anything that has helped make my life easier or more beautiful in any way – because they’re both important!

I’m going to break this down into categories: Home, garden, beauty, clothing, kids, and travel.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. These are all products or companies that I have used and can personally recommend.  

Lifestyle Shop:  The Peaceful Burrow Home Products


Zero Waste Store

The Zero Waste Store is a great resource to have in your back pocket. Anytime you need to purchase something new for your home, first, ask if there is a zero-waste option. ZWS is a one-stop shop for all sorts of zero-waste products. They also offer bundles and starter kits for those looking to go a little deeper into the zero-waste movement.  

You can shop through my referral link here.   

Dish Soap Bar

This is the dish soap that I use daily. I’ve been using it for 3+ years and have no intention of switching anytime soon. One bar lasts me about 3-4 months. The Lavender scent is my favorite, but they offer other options as well. 

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Full Circle Micro Manager Brush

This is one of my all-time favorite cleaning tools. I love the Full Circle brand, but this multipurpose detail cleaner is a standout.  

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Reusable Gallon Bags

My family uses a lot of gallon-sized freezer bags. I recently (finally) purchased a large set of reusable zip-top gallon freezer bags and I can’t believe I waited so long. They are sturdy, easy to zip, and freeze well. I have reusable bags from other brands that I do not like as much as these. Definitely a kitchen staple!

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Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags

Sometimes we have to use disposable products. When we do, we can still support better brands. These dog poop bags are made from recycled plastic and come from a company that is certified Climate Pledge Friendly.  

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These are one of my beautiful little indulgences around my house. Watching the sunlight hit them in the mornings puts a smile on my face. Suncatchers have always felt a bit magical to me.  

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100% Cotton Muslin Blanket

My kids all had muslin baby blankets and I loved them for their breathability and comfort. When they needed big-kid bedspreads, I opted for these. I even sleep with one myself. They are the perfect weight for using on their own or layering for cooler nights. The colors offered are beautiful and the overall quality is great.  

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Lifestyle Shop:  The Peaceful Burrow Garden Products


Worm Compost Bin

If you follow me on Instagram, you know all about my #wormyjourney with composting worms. I’ll be honest, you can start a worm composting operation with a couple of plastic bins or 5-gallon buckets, but this is the most aesthetically pleasing worm bin out there! It does the job and looks pretty.  

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Watering can

If you haven’t noticed, I prefer function and beauty. If I’m going to leave a watering can sitting out on my kitchen counter, it better be beautiful and bring me joy. And that’s what this gold-accented watering can does. It has the perfect spout for all my houseplants, including those narrow spots on self-watering planters.  

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Wide Brim Beach Hat

I wear this sun hat every day and recommend it to everyone! It is adjustable in the back, has an open top for a ponytail or bun, and rolls into a little scroll for travel. Whether I’m in the garden or taking a morning walk – I’m wearing this hat!

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Mushroom Solar Lights

These little whimsical solar lights add so much joy to my garden. They’re super cute, bright, and colorful. Everything I love!

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Lifestyle Shop:  The Peaceful Burrow Beauty Products


Shampoo Bar

I’ve been using this shampoo bar for 3 years and 1 bar will last me about 9 months! It smells strongly out of the package, but don’t let that turn you off. It dissipates quickly, leaving you with a faint citrus scent.  

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Essence nasal ring diffuser

This is a newer find for me but one I would be lost without. This is an essential oil-infused wearable diffuser. It looks like a little, clear silicone nose ring. I use essential oils regularly and this find has been so convenient. I especially love it for when I get headaches. I roll my headache relief blend directly onto the ring and pop it in.  

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Crystal deodorant stick

I have been using some form of natural deodorant for my whole adult life, but this crystal deodorant stick is the best. Mineral sticks are meant to eliminate and block order before it starts. It’s gentle on skin and chemical free. It does come in a plastic tube (not zero waste) but one tube lasts me about 2 years! So it does significantly reduce plastic usage if you’re coming from a traditional deodorant stick.  

Remember, any time you switch to a natural deodorant, you will go through a natural detox period. Give your body time to adjust.   

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Lifestyle Shop:  The Peaceful Burrow Clothing



Wool& is an online retailer committed to sustainable and ethical fashion. Their values are: live simply, consume carefully, and do good. Their clothing is made from sustainable Merino Wool, which is a super soft, antimicrobial, natural material.  

They offer a 100-day dress challenge to earn a $100 gift card as well as a 30-day challenge to earn a $30 gift card. Wool& has huge Facebook group followings including the Wool& 100 Day Dress Challenge and Wool& BST (Buy/Sell/Trade).  

My favorite dresses are the Willow and the Brooklyn and my wishlist is a page long!

You can shop through my referral link here.

Tea Collection

Tea Collection is the most adorable, high-quality kids’ clothes you will ever find. Everything I’ve ever gotten from Tea Collection has been favored by both children and parents over other items in their current wardrobe. Tea Collection is globally inspired, gives back, and uses ethical business practices.  

You can shop through my referral link here

Rain suits

We get so many comments on our rain suits. Every time my kids wear them they feel like celebrities. These have saved us on several rainy walks to school and puddle-jumping excursions. The best part is they’re a super affordable Amazon buy! 

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I firmly believe kids should get out and play in all weather, not just beautiful sunny days. These snowsuits make that happen. One-piece snowsuits are the way to go with kids. There are already so many pieces: hats, gloves, scarves, boots, etc. And you know I love a one-piece anything! These are super warm and made very well.  

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Same one, different color

Kids Wool Socks

I’m a sucker for wool socks. These are super comfy, warm, and just adorable. They lasted my kids more than two years with daily wear which is unheard of for my kids’ socks!  

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Lifestyle Shop:  The Peaceful Burrow Kids Products


Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts was founded by a mom who was tired of wasteful arts and crafts projects, so she made it more eco-friendly. This is a subscription box service for kids ages 4-10+. You can also buy standalone boxes for individual activity sets. 

You can shop through my referral link here

Wooden Geoboard

One of our go-to toys, this geoboard allows kids to follow patterns to make designs or create their own. We play with this at home and have found it’s also good for travel.  

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Counting Pegs

This math manipulative set helps with counting and sorting. It joined our family in the preschool years and my first grader still pulls it out to play. It comes with flashcards to give older kids more of a challenge. 

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Learning Boards

I expected my kids to get themselves dressed at a very early age because there were so many of them and only one of me. These boards helped to teach them important skills like tying, buckling, and buttoning. My kids have also never owned shoes with laces, so they get to practice on this instead!

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Alphabet Tracing

This alphabet wooden tracing board is two-sided, with upper-case letters on one side and lower-case letters on the other. It is very durable and of good quality. It offers simple instructions with arrows to help kids follow the correct handwriting patterns.  

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Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Tiles are an absolute staple in our household. This open-ended toy has entertained my children (and some adults) for hours on end. We use them for everything!

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Lifestyle Shop:  The Peaceful Burrow Travel Products


Travel Backpack

We travel A LOT. This is my favorite travel bag. Most of the time when my family travels it is very minimalistic. I often just bring this one backpack and that’s it. It opens like a carry-on suitcase – a large open center with a top-zippered pocket. It also has several smaller pockets up front. It fits snugly under the seat in front of you on the airplane and it is very padded and comfortable to wear.  

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This one is the backpack my husband has. Same brand, but with a slightly larger capacity. He loves it and uses it for both personal and work trips alike. It has held up great over the years.  

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Packing cubes 

These are my favorite packing cubes for my family of 5 because they come in a set of 5 bright colors. Each family member has their own cube when we travel. They compress and keep things organized. Using these is the only way my family can pack for a week-long trip with one carry-on suitcase and nothing else!

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Hiking daypack 

I never travel without this bag. It folds up teeny tiny so it’s easy to keep in the car or throw in your larger travel bag. It is very comfortable and easy to wear for hikes or even just shopping around or going to parks. It’s big enough that it holds a few water bottles, extra layers of clothes, snacks, and a small first aid kit. This is also my “park bag” at home. It is always packed with sunscreen, bandaids, and snacks for when I take the kids to the park.  

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This is a bonus inclusion! The Doona is a car seat with wheels…or a stroller that collapses to a car seat, however, you want to think of it. We bought the Doona when my son was about 3 months old to use on our first overseas trip to the UK. Since then, it traveled with us to California, Florida, Hawaii, and so many more places.  

It became our everyday car seat and stroller and was a HUGE convenience. Do you know how much gear you need with babies??? Taking just one thing off our plates was incredibly helpful. When I found out I was pregnant with twins, I researched similar options endlessly and sadly found nothing that could compare. At least my sisters got to use it after me! 

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There you have it! All my favorite things in one nice, little, easy-to-find spot. Let me know if there is anything else you’d like to include! I’ll update this regularly.  

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