How to Survive Summer Break with kids
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How to Survive Summer Break with Kids

The Ultimate Summer Survival Guide for Parents

Whether you’re a stay-at-home-parent, working parent, bonus parent, grandparent, babysitter, or nanny, one thing is certain…summer break is coming. 

And when it does, you better be ready.  Because summer break means 12 weeks without a structured 9:00 – 3:00 pm school day.  

Summer break means keeping your children relatively entertained, active, and fed.  It means not turning their brains to mush by plopping them in front of the TV all day.  

It means you need to figure out how to make this happen while also running a household, working, and staying sane. 

YOU need a Summer Survival Guide to survive your summer (and your kids). 

Luckily, I was in your shoes once and I wrote down all my tips and tricks for making it through summer break!

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Here’s the rundown to survive summer break: 

  1.  Find your support systems
  2. List your big summer bucket items
  3. Break down your summer into weekly themes
  4. Create daily routines
  5. Manage expectations
  6. Take care of yourself

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Find your support systems

Support can come in both paid and unpaid systems.  Do your kids attend summer camp?  Do you have a babysitter while you work?  Or do they spend extra time with their grandparents over the summer?  

Either way, step number one is listing out your support systems and how they fit into your summer schedule. 

List your big summer bucket items

Big summer bucket items could be family vacations, trips to the zoo, outdoor concerts, or days at the community pool.  

List these and try to sketch out one big bucket list item per week to hold on to the fun and excitement of summer.  I know this is challenging, but you can do it!

Break down your summer into weekly themes

We have our support systems and we have our big bucket items, but what about everything else?  

I find the easiest way to fill in our time is with weekly themes.  It makes it simple to decide which books to check out from the library, choose what games to play, plan craft projects, etc. 

Some theme examples are Ocean week, Nature week, and Space week.  

Download your free Summer Survival planning guide to further plan around your weekly themes!

Create Daily Routines

It’s really easy to let lazy summer days overrun our normal schedules, but guess what?  Kids do better with routines and consistency.  You can accomplish this by:

  1. Keeping wake and sleep times similar every day
  2. Planning structured mealtimes
  3. Including a daily quiet time to reset 

Manage expectations

You can plan all you want, but chances are, at some point, something will go wrong.  The weather will not cooperate or someone will sprain a wrist on the playground the first week of summer break.  

Learn to roll with the punches

Keep a couple of indoor activities in your back pocket for a rainy day that will keep your kids busy. 

If your kids complain they are bored?  Put them to work!  Have them clean the garage, wash the car, or pick up after the dog.  They’ll soon learn to stop complaining and occupy themselves. 

Take care of yourself

Make sure you’re planning some time for yourself in all of this!  You deserve to have a fun summer, too.  Especially if you’re spending extra time at home with the kids. 

Remember, it’s summer!  Let the kids be kids.  Let you be you.  And everyone can survive this summer break.  

Survive Summer Break!

Don’t forget to download your Summer Survival planning guide for monthly, weekly, and daily planning (right above!).  It’s completely FREE and includes an essential Summer Planning Checklist!

Summer Survival Planning Guide for Parents

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