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How to Survive as a Stay-at-Home Working Mom

Updated March 26, 2024

This one is for all the parents that work-from-home but also identify as the default parent. You take on the heavy responsibilities of a stay-at-home parent while juggling your career and (hopefully) avoiding burnout. You are a stay-at-home working mom.

What does this mean? Mostly, that you never have enough. You never have enough patience. You never have enough balance. You never have enough time for yourself/your partner/your kids/your career. You feel like you’re being pulled apart from every direction and you’re not quite sure how or what to fix to make you feel whole again.

The Stay-at-Home Working Mom’s Survival Guide will give you the tools you need to be the best SAHWM for your children and family. Learn how to set boundaries, create schedules and routines that work, find support, and take care of yourself in the process.

Be the badass mom you know you can be and empower yourself to survive (and thrive) in both your home life and career.

The beautifully formatted ebook is officially here along with the bonus SAHWM toolkit!

You can find this ebook in my Etsy book shop as an instant digital download. Click the book image below to be taken to my shop!

Stay-at-home working mom

The Stay-at-Home Working Mom’s Survival Guide is also on Amazon Kindle! You can purchase through Amazon here. Keep in mind, this version does not come with the bonus toolkit so you’ll have to download that separately.

Follow the links above to get The Stay-at-Home Working Mom’s Survival Guide now!

Just need the toolkit? Download the toolkit here!

Stay-at-home working mom

How to Survive as a Stay-at-Home Working Mom

Find the balance you crave and say goodbye to default-parent working-mom burnout!

I would really appreciate your reviews on Amazon and Etsy!!

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