How to start spring cleaning the easy way
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How to Start Spring Cleaning (the easy way)

The Easiest Way to Start Spring Cleaning

The hardest part about spring cleaning is figuring out where to start. So I’m going to outline my favorite tips on how to start spring cleaning the easy way!

I have a love/hate relationship with spring. Winter is leaving our cold Chicago days and things are slowly defrosting, but it still tends to snow for 10 minutes every other day. The crisp, fresh air makes me want to open every window in our house, but then my allergies go haywire. Advertisers and influencers are reminding us everywhere that it’s spring cleaning time, but… wait. I actually love spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning tips are a dime a dozen, but I’ve got even more for you. You will not learn how to clean things in this article, but rather a guide to prioritizing your personal spring cleaning checklist – first and foremost – the easiest way to START spring cleaning.


Timing is essential when it comes to spring cleaning. You don’t want to schedule too much at once, burn out, and then never finish your tasks. But doing too little will not create the momentum you need to stay committed to the process.

Spring cleaning timeline

Spring cleaning can be done all in one weekend or spread out throughout the entire season.

If you’re going the one-weekend route, make sure you don’t have any other major plans. Start in the morning and use a timer to make sure you’re taking lots of breaks.

If you prefer to spread these tasks out over time, make sure you’re staying consistent. Aim for 15 minutes per day for a week or two, depending on how many areas need to be tackled.

Spring cleaning checklist

Go through one room at a time. Start with a clean room, no toys on the floor or mail sprawled over the countertops. Do this when everything is in order so you are not distracted with everyday cleaning tasks.

Look around

Take note of any glaring problems like a burnt-out lightbulb, cobwebs in the corners, stains on the walls, or cabinets that are overstuffed and not closing. This will help determine your priorities for each room.

Don’t just glance. Spend a few minutes looking at your room with fresh eyes and write down anything you see.

For example, I’m short and tend not to notice the top of my refrigerator. During spring cleaning I grab a stool and look around at things that are above eye level. This might also mean sitting on your floor and noticing things that are much lower than you normally look (especially if you have kids!).

Whatever feels right in your space, do that.

Create a game plan

Choose your top 3 things from the list you just wrote down and do those things only.

Only. Three. Things.

Gather any supplies you may need for the room you’re working on. This could mean extendable dusting supplies for the ceiling, a new magic eraser for the crayon on the wall, a filter for your furnace, or lightbulbs to replace the burnt-out ones you currently have.

Take action

I hope you wrote those three things down because you are now going to cross them off your list! This is the best feeling. A cleaner, refreshed house is nice, but crossing off a bunch of things on a checklist? Magical.

Here’s a blank checklist to get you started, but you can just as easily make your own with a notebook. Lists don’t have to be fancy!

How to start spring cleaning (the easy way)

Once you finish these steps in one room, move on to the next room. As you can see, we’re only choosing 3 things in each room to complete. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

This is by far the easiest way to start spring cleaning, and best of all, it’s customized to you!

If you’re feeling it and really do want to tackle more, great! That’s why we wrote down a whole list. But getting started is the hardest part. And by choosing only three things to focus on at first, it becomes a lot easier. It may even create momentum and lead to more completed tasks.

All of those spring cleaning checklists you see floating around are good for reference, but probably have a bunch of things listed that you don’t care about or don’t apply to you. By using this method, you will complete tasks that matter to you and your home.

What are you waiting for? Go get started!

Make your home amazing spring cleaning tips

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