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How to Sort Out Fast Fashion Vs Slow Fashion

Fast Fashion Vs Slow Fashion in 2 Minutes or Less

Fast Fashion is a scary thing.  It doesn’t sound scary.  In fact, it sounds like the average American mindset.  We want it now, new, and cheaper!  But the way in which we get things now, new, and cheaper is destroying our environment and hurting people in the process.  This brief summary of Fast Fashion Vs Slow Fashion will give you a better understanding of the issues.

What is Fast Fashion? 

Fast Fashion is pumping out new clothes and trends at an alarming rate using inexpensive synthetic materials and exploiting sweatshop workers in the most awful conditions.  

Why does Fast Fashion do this?  

Because we demand it.  Clothing lines used to be seasonal, with large companies debuting 2-4 new collections per year.  Nowadays, some companies are pumping out new collections weekly to keep up with their customer’s demands.  In order for this to happen, materials and labor must be the cheapest of cheap.  

How does this affect our environment?  

Not only does this hurt our environment during the manufacturing process, but the majority of these clothes are so low quality that they end up in the garbage very quickly, not even able to donate or use for more than the “season” they’re meant to be worn.  In addition, clothes that are leftover, unsold, or returned get disposed of by burning them!

Fast fashion in manufacturing contributes to major pollution as well as excess water and energy consumption and the spread of micro plastics.  ( The countries known for garment production often do not have or do not follow labor and environmental laws and regulations. 

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How do you know if a company is considered Fast Fashion?  

There are some simple ways of knowing if a company is part of the Fast Fashion industry.  Low quality materials and very low prices are a good indication.  Companies that produce multiple new collections simultaneously in order to be trendy hit the mark.  Also, there will be a lack of transparency about business, social, and environmental practices.  

Fast Fashion Brand Examples

Examples of Fast Fashion 

The most well-known examples of Fast Fashion brands include: 

Abercrombie & Fitch



Forever 21





Urban Outfitters

Victoria’s Secret


What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is the opposite of fast fashion.  Slow fashion is sustainable fashion that takes into consideration the manufacturing process, materials used, and the people’s working environment.

How do you know if a company is considered Slow Fashion? 

Ethical Fashion companies will usually produce a small number of new products at a time and stick to products that can easily be worn for years.  (Think “timeless” or “classic” silhouettes and styles.) They will use eco-friendly materials in production and have high transparency into their business, manufacturing, and environmental impact.  

Transparent slow fashion companies: 



People Tree UK



Slow and ethical fashion brands do tend to be more expensive. A great way to offset costs or shop in budget more sustainably is by shopping second hand.

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Fast Fashion Podcasts & Documentaries 

To learn more about Fast Fashion and the impact it’s having, check out this comprehensive list of podcasts from Conscious Life & Style:

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Documentaries are another informative (and entertaining) way to learn about the issues at hand.  Check these popular ones out: 

The True Cost

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River Blue 


Slow Fashion Brand Examples

What Can You Do? 

The best thing we can do as consumers is be knowledgeable and make informed decisions with our purchasing power.

My personal goal is to quit fast fashion for the entire year!

Take the time to discover your values and take actions to stick to them. We can make the world a better place, even through our fashion choices!

Did you enjoy this quick summary of Fast Fashion? 

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