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How to Slow Down with a 5-Finger Affirmation Practice

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The month of May is probably our busiest month of the year.  Between birthdays, weddings, quinceaneras, and end-of-school activities, we are booked solid.  

This past weekend was so much fun but so completely draining.  It got me thinking…I can’t simplify our schedule at this time of year, but is there another way I can slow down?  

The answer came to me as I was trying to fall asleep after another busy Sunday when I felt like I didn’t even dent my to-do list.  My head was spinning with my to-dos for the following week and I was feeling defeated instead of restful.  

Then I remembered a technique I used to use.

5-Finger Affirmation Practice

You may have heard of a 5 finger meditation before.  This is a breathing technique in which you breathe in while tracing up a finger, and breathe out while tracing down.  You do this with your whole hand to slow your breathing, ease anxiety, and clear your mind. 

(To learn more about 5-Finger Meditation, click here)

5-finger affirmation is a similar strategy.  You choose 5 affirmations and recite one per finger.  To combine the benefits of breath control with positive self-talk, recite each affirmation twice per finger, once while breathing in and once while breathing out.  

Does it really help? 

After several restless nights, I decided to initiate this practice again.  And while I don’t have lab studies and scientific research to back this up, I fell asleep much faster and with a clearer mind. 

How to Start a 5-Finger Affirmation Practice

  1. Choose your affirmations.  I will provide a list below of popular self-love affirmations.  These will not apply to everyone.  Some are vague, some are more specific.  Choose ones that are meaningful to you. 
  2. Take 3 deep breaths.  After laying down and finding a comfortable sleep position, close your eyes and take three deep breaths.  Don’t recite your affirmations yet, just try to quiet yourself. 
  3. Start your affirmations.  Start with your first affirmation.  Say it in your mind slowly while breathing in.  Feel it.  Mean it.  Embrace it. Say it again (in your mind) while you exhale.  Repeat this with all 5 fingers and affirmations. 
  4. Try to keep your mind clear and take slow, consistent breaths until you drift off into sleep.

What if it doesn’t work? 

If you’re still awake, wired, and anxious after one cycle of this practice, try for another.  But if that doesn’t work, don’t push it.  You don’t want this to become another anxiety-provoking to-do.  


This 5-Finger Affirmation Practice doesn’t have to be restricted to bedtime.  Whenever you need a moment of centeredness, close your eyes, slow your breath, and recite your chosen affirmations.  

35 Affirmation examples: 

I am beautiful. 

I am a good person. 

I am a good mom. 

I am a good partner. 

I’m not perfect, and that’s okay. 

I am letting go of my worries and fears. 

I choose to be kind to myself. 

I choose joy. 

I choose happiness. 

I honor my life. 

I love who I am. 

I deserve to be loved. 

I am loved. 

I am powerful. 

I am strong. 

I am capable. 

I am in control of my life. 

I am in harmony. 

I am in balance. 

I am proud of myself. 

I deserve happiness. 

I am enough. 

I am whole. 

I am worthy. 

I am safe. 

I believe in myself. 

I am healing. 

I respect myself. 

I accept myself. 

I am thankful for the good in my life. 

My life is a blessing. 

I am peaceful. 

I attract positive energy. 

I am calm and at ease. 

I am grateful for ___. 

5 Finger Affirmation - I choose to be kind to myself

Will you give this practice a try?  I’d love to hear in the comments.  Also, feel free to share any more affirmations you find powerful or peaceful!

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