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How to Make Simple Reusable Snack Bags

I don’t know about you, but snacks are just a way of life in my household.  My kids seem to need an endless stream of snacks to survive day to day, and I am known to get regularly hangry.  I avoid buying single serve snacks and using plastic bags to reduce my waste and the impact it has on the environment.  Because of that, I opt for small containers or reusable snack bags. 

You can never have enough snack bags!  These are super simple, can be washed in the sink or thrown in the washing machine, and are fully customizable in pattern and size. This tutorial can also be done on the sewing machine or by hand.  You can use leftover fabric from other projects – this is a great stash buster.  Enjoy this Reusable Snack Bag Tutorial for a DIY, zero waste alternative to plastic bags!

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Supplies for Reusable Snack Bags: 

Any scrap fabric (you only need a small amount, cotton works great)

The same amount in Nylon ripstop fabric (waterproof and washable)

Coordinating thread

A needle or sewing machine

I decided to make two bags:  one on the sewing machine and one by hand.  They’re both very simple!  I also kept these bags free of Velcro, zippers, or other closures so there would be no issues when it came to washability. 

You can choose to do this in any size you want.  I found this fun fabric in the remnants bin for $2 and thought it would work to use the squares on the pattern to guide my size snack bag.  This backfired somewhat because the pattern was printed slanted on the fabric (which is probably why it was on clearance) haha.  But that’s ok!  They still turned out cute. 

Fabric for reusable snack bags

Step one. 

First, I cut out my fabric that was roughly 16” long and 8.5” inches wide.  I folded it to make sure it would work:  one square as the front, one as the back, and an extra 2” or so for the flap over the top. 

Step one: cut fabric to desired size
Step one: cut fabric to desired size

Step two. 

Next, cut your nylon the exact size as your outer fabric.  

Step two: cut nylon to match size

Step three. 

Once the fabric is cut, pin the nylon to the outer fabric with right sides together.  

Step three: pin right sides together
Step three: pin right sides together

Step four. 

Now, sew around the edge with a straight stitch until you have 2-3 inches left.  Leave that open.  Please note:  nylon is very slippery.  You will probably have to readjust as you work. 

Step four: sew seems together
Leave an opening to turn work

Step five. 

Clip the corners of your rectangle, making sure you don’t get the stitches.  Turn your work using the hole you left in step four, and make sure to poke something in the corners to get them turned out and squared. 

Step five: clip corners and turn work right side out

Step six. 

Once your bag is right side out, close up the open hole by tucking under the raw edges to match the rest of the seam.  Sew a straight stitch along the entire top to close the hole and make it look even. 

Step six: close hole
Step six: sew across to close

Step seven. 

Next, fold out your project so the front and back sides are together and the top few inches are left open.  Pin the sides together. 

Step seven: fold and pins side together, leaving fabric for top flap

Step eight. 

Sew the edges together. 

Step eight: sew the edges together

Step nine. 

Lastly, fold your top flap down and sew right on top of the outer edge of your project.  This creates the overlapping flip top to keep snacks from falling out. 

Step nine: sew the top edges down to create closure flap

All done!

Reusable snack bag
Fabric snack bag tutorial

On my hand sewn version, I chose a smaller snack bag so I could have more contrast in the pattern.  I also sewed it with contrasting thread and visible stitches to give it a handmade look.  I like my hand sewn things to look quirky and sewn with love! 

Hand sew fabric snack bag
Hand sew fabric snack bag
Fabric snack bag

I’d love to see your finished product! Leave me a comment below!

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