How to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
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How to Make Every Day Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day every day!

Earth Day comes every year on April 22nd but we should be treating every day like it’s Earth Day! Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate Earth Day every day for a more sustainable life.

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Grow your food

Indoor and outdoor gardens are a great way to be more sustainable in your everyday life. Growing your food means you know exactly where your food comes from and what’s in it (or not in it).

If you involve your kids, it teaches them about the earth, the life cycle of plants, and how to be resourceful.

Gardening provides food for you, but it’s also better for the environment because you’re not purchasing fruits and vegetables that are shipped long distances. Instead, they are grown right in your backyard.

This reduces greenhouse gas emissions and sourcing foods that are out of season.

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Walk more than you drive

Especially when the weather is nice, take advantage of walking places instead of driving. This is also a great habit to instill in your children.

We’ve become so dependent on cars to get us places, but not that long ago our parents and grandparents were walking and biking more.

Walk to school, walk to the park, walk to friends’ houses, walk to the grocery store – it’s better for our health and the environment.

Go meatless

According to Greenpeace, the climate impact of meat is roughly equivalent to all the driving and flying of every vehicle in the world.
(Read more here)

The meat industry has a huge impact on greenhouse gasses and climate change, among other social issues. By choosing to cook without meat for some meals, we are reducing the impact that meat production has on our planet.

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Choose organic and B corp

When it comes to organic agriculture, producing food or crops without harmful pesticides is much better for our health and the environment.

Companies that offer organic options are usually more sustainable and have a more eco-conscious outlook, too.

Look for B Corp certifications when you’re researching a business. This certification means that the brand is legally required to put business practices in place that benefit the supply chain, employees, customers, and the environment.

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Be mindful of your waste and recycling habits. Take inventory of how much waste you’re throwing in your garbage can versus the recycling bin and try to increase recycling while decreasing your garbage.

When shopping, look for products that have lower waste options or come in recyclable packaging, rather than shrink wrap or excessive amounts of plastic. This adds up very quickly, especially when it comes to gifts, birthday parties, Christmas, etc.

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Keep an eco-friendly kitchen

Look for ways in your kitchen that you can swap out items that are better for the environment. This could be things like reusable napkins and rags instead of disposable napkins and paper towels.

Cut down on water usage by watching the amount of time your sink is left on when doing dishes or making sure you have full loads in your dishwasher.

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Make sustainable bathroom swaps

Another place to look for sustainable options is your bathroom. Watch how long you leave the water running as you’re washing hands, brushing teeth, or cleaning. Take shorter showers, too!

Think about electricity usage. Lights get left on when kids leave the bathroom all the time. Make sure you teach them to turn it off when they leave a room and assist with extendable light switches if necessary.

You can also make lots of product swaps in your bathroom that are better for the environment. Toiletries, makeup, cleaning products, towels, toothbrushes, and more can all be found in sustainable, eco-friendly options. Even your toilet bowl brush!

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Update your laundry routine

Laundry is something we all do but we can make it more eco-friendly easily! Always wash when you have a full load and wash on cold whenever possible. This wastes less energy than washing on warm. Save those hot washes for things that truly need to be disinfected.

To decrease dryer times, use dryer balls or hang clothes for even more energy-efficient drying.

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Make every day earth day

Earth Day Every Day

Last but not least, model all of these earth-loving behaviors for your children and explain the importance! By educating and raising children to be more compassionate toward their environment, we are creating sustainable habits for future generations.

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