Eco-friendly Winter Break
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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Winter Break: 6 Tips

Eco-Friendly Winter Break

As the winter season sets in, bringing with it crisp air and the promise of snowflakes, it’s the perfect time to slow down and embrace the tranquility of a green and relaxing winter break. Instead of succumbing to the hectic pace that often accompanies the holidays, let’s explore some tips to infuse your winter break with eco-friendly practices and peaceful moments. Read on for ways to have an eco-friendly winter break.

Nature Escapes

Make the most of the winter wonderland by planning nature escapes for the family. Whether it’s a weekend in a cozy cabin, day trip to a nearby national park, or a walk around the neighborhood, spending time in nature is not only rejuvenating but also a sustainable way to appreciate the beauty of the season.

If your kids are anything like mine, once you get home from your walk or nature escape your will have twigs, rocks, pinecones, and other small bits from nature.  Warm-up inside while creating a cozy little nature display to honor the winter season. 

Zero-Waste Winter Picnics

Embrace the chill with zero-waste winter picnics. Pack reusable containers filled with homemade treats, warm beverages in thermoses, and don’t forget reusable utensils and cloth napkins. Find a scenic spot, spread out a blanket, and enjoy a sustainable feast surrounded by the beauty of winter.

This can also be done right in your backyard!  Winter break can mean long hours inside with the kids.  Sometimes everyone just needs a change of scenery to shake things up and feel revitalized. 

Tech-Free Time

Declare certain times or days as tech-free during the winter break. Encourage activities like board games, reading, or simply enjoying quiet moments by the fireplace. This not only reduces energy consumption but also fosters genuine connections and relaxation.

Hygge Home

Embrace the Danish concept of hygge by creating a cozy and inviting home environment. Use soft blankets, light candles, and fill your space with warm, natural textures. Hygge encourages a sense of comfort and contentment, perfect for a relaxing winter break.

My favorite thing to do after the kids go to bed on winter break is turn on the fireplace show on Netflix, find a cozy spot, and read or crochet for an hour.  It gives me the break I need after a long day with the kids!

Reflection and Gratitude

I’ve been all about gratitude the last several weeks but here it is again.  With kids (and adults), this season can bring out a lot of “I want”. Change the script in your household to help everyone feel more grounded and appreciative with “I have”.  

Take some quiet moments for reflection and gratitude. Encourage each family member to share something they’re thankful for, fostering a positive mindset and creating a sense of appreciation for the simple joys of the season.

Eco-Friendly Winter Break

Plan Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

As the winter break comes to a close, take the opportunity to plan sustainable New Year’s resolutions as a family. Whether it’s reducing household waste, conserving energy, or supporting local businesses, setting eco-conscious goals ensures a green start to the upcoming year.

If you need help, my next post will offer some inspiration.  Don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly emails so you don’t miss it!

Eco-Friendly Winter Break

This winter break, let’s redefine the holiday hustle and bustle. By incorporating these tips for a green and relaxing winter break, you can create a season filled with meaningful moments, sustainability, and the joy of simplicity. Cheers to a winter break that nourishes both the soul and the planet!

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