How to embrace less in a season of more
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How to Embrace Less in a Season of More

As the festive season unfolds, there’s an air of excitement, joy, and perhaps a touch of chaos. It’s that time of the year when our little ones eagerly unwrap gifts, their eyes wide with wonder, surrounded by a mountain of colorful wrapping paper. While the holidays are undoubtedly a time for celebration, it’s also the perfect opportunity to impart the timeless values of gratitude and minimalism to our children. In other words, let’s teach them how to embrace less in a season of more.

The Magic of Gratitude

In a world that often encourages the “more is better” mentality, teaching our kids the art of gratitude becomes a precious gift in itself. Instead of getting caught up in the frenzy of wish lists and gift exchanges, let’s take a moment to instill the value of appreciating what we have.

1. The Gratitude Jar

One simple and effective way to cultivate gratitude is by creating a gratitude jar as a family. Set out a jar and some colorful paper, and encourage everyone to jot down something they’re grateful for each day. This practice not only fosters gratitude but also becomes a heartwarming activity to reflect upon as a family during the holiday season. You can make a party out of it and read all of your jar entries on New Year’s Eve!

2. Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar

Swap out the traditional chocolate-filled advent calendar with one that promotes acts of kindness. Create a calendar with daily suggestions for small acts of generosity, like helping a neighbor, donating toys, or expressing appreciation for a family member. It’s a beautiful way to teach kids that the true spirit of the season lies in giving and spreading joy.

This year in our home, we made a gratitude tree the day after Thanksgiving. The kids wrote all the things they are grateful for on the leaves. This has become part of our decor this season and sits next to our spiral advent calendar.

I stumbled upon the acts of kindness advent calendar too late for a full month, but I will definitely be incorporating it for the 12 days from Christmas to January 6th (Three Kings Day). It will give the kids something to focus on while we are no winter break!

Embracing Minimalism

Amidst the glittering lights and tinsel, let’s not forget the beauty of simplicity. Minimalism doesn’t mean forgoing the joy of the holidays; it’s about cherishing meaningful moments and experiences over material possessions. Minimalism is the second key to embracing less in a season of more.

1. Thoughtful Gift-Giving

Encourage your children to think beyond the material aspect of gifts. Instead of an avalanche of toys, suggest creating a wish list that includes experiences, like a day at the zoo, a movie night, or a special outing with a parent. This not only reduces clutter but also fosters lasting memories.

2. Quality Over Quantity

Remind both yourself and your kids that the number of gifts doesn’t equate to the depth of love. Opt for quality over quantity. Choose gifts that align with your child’s interests and needs, emphasizing the value of each item rather than the sheer volume.

3. Be a Curator of Your Kids Toys

If you need some help decluttering and choosing less over more, read my favorite post about decluttering toys and taking control of what comes into your home. This post is inspired by Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne. I recommend this book to anyone that is feeling overwhelmed in their current situation (including home life, kids’ schedules, and balance!).

Read the post here: Declutter these 10 Toys Now!

A Reminder for Parents

In our efforts to teach these essential values to our children, let’s not forget to apply them to our own lives. The holiday season can be overwhelming for parents as well, with the pressure to create a perfect celebratory season. Take a step back and ask yourself: What truly brings joy to our family?

Creating Meaningful Traditions

Consider establishing traditions that focus on togetherness and shared experiences. Whether it’s baking cookies together, volunteering as a family, or simply enjoying a quiet evening by the fireplace, these moments will become the heart of your holiday celebration.

How to embrace less in a season of more

How to Embrace Less in a Season of More

Let’s make this holiday season a time of joy, gratitude, and simplicity. By teaching our kids the importance of gratitude and minimalism, we’re not only imparting valuable life lessons but also contributing to a holiday filled with genuine warmth and connection. So, here’s to a season of mindful celebration, creating memories that last a lifetime. Happy holidays, everyone!

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