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How to Create a Daily Uniform and Save your Sanity

I remember back when I first got to wear a uniform at was glorious.  I mean, clouds opened up, the sun came out, harps played, all that stuff.  Uniforms are 100% the way to go and I can’t wait to share with you how a daily uniform can save your sanity. (It did for me, anyway!)

Why Create a Daily Uniform?

The ease and simplicity that comes from a daily uniform is unparalleled.  You get to feel like yourself every single day.  No thinking and you automatically feel good? Sign me up!

Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is when you make so many decisions in a day or time period that by the end of it you develop fatigue.  When the fatigue sets in, any more decisions that need to be made end up being more challenging and possibly worse decisions.  

The point of a process like a daily uniform is to take one more decision off your plate so you can focus that energy elsewhere.  

Famously successful people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Albert Einstein stuck to the same daily uniform day in and day out in order to maximize efficiency and brain power.  Why aren’t we all doing this?!

A large goal of mine is to eliminate the majority of my non-essential choices – like clothes, meal planning, and laundry routines – in order to have better mental energy for the things that matter, like my family and living a fulfilling life!

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Daily Rhythm

I love having a daily rhythm.  I thrive on schedules, processes, and routines.  With a daily uniform rhythm, you can give yourself enough wiggle room to not feel too restricted but still enjoy more simplicity. 

A Rhythm is a strong, regular, repeated pattern. 

We create rhythms all the time without even thinking about it.  And they help us get through our days, weeks, and months with fluidity and ease.  

Daily Uniform vs Capsule Wardrobe

A daily uniform is not a capsule wardrobe.  A capsule wardrobe is a carefully planned and thought out collection of clothes that can all be mixed and matched to create endless options for outfits.  They typically include boundaries in the form of number of items, color palette, and style choices.  You could definitely use a capsule wardrobe for your daily uniform, but that takes more time and planning.  I suggest starting with a daily uniform first. 

A daily uniform is a guiding set of principles you follow daily based on your needs.  For example, maybe most days you’re a jeans and t-shirt person, but on Tuesdays you take a yoga class and Sundays you prioritize church and family.  So your daily uniform would reflect that by making Tuesday your athleisure day and Sunday a bit more fancy. 

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Bright clothes in a shop

How to create a daily uniform

I’m going to break this down into a few key steps so you can get on to saving your life with a daily uniform. 

Think Day to Day

First, what do your days look like?  

Do you have a 9-5 job in an office?  You may need a mostly business casual uniform of pants, button downs, and sweaters.  Don’t forget to include sweatpants Saturdays or whatever you prioritize on the weekends!

Are you a stay at home mom that’s mostly busy with household obligations?  Your uniform may consist mostly of leggings or loungewear or something you can easily clean from spit-up situations. 

Do you work two part time jobs that require different attire?  Try to keep items in rotation that can be worn across both situations so you’re not completely changing your outfit several times a day. 

Have a busy nightlife? If you go out in the evenings for business or dates, you may need to consider outfits that can easily be dressed up with accessories or layering pieces.  

Draft out a rough schedule of your day to day with any prominent activities.

What do you usually wear? 

Reflect on the type of outfits you usually wear and how they make you feel or any annoyances you may have.  Are you happy with them?  Is there anything you’d like to improve?  Remember, this whole process should simplify your daily decision making abilities, so we don’t want to add any big overhauls here.  But I do think it is important to reflect on what you like/don’t like about your current wardrobe. 

Which brings us to…

Only wear your favorites 

With this sanity-saving daily uniform, you should really only be wearing your favorite clothes.  If you want to feel great and like the best version of yourself every day, this is a non-negotiable. 

I’m obsessed with The Lazy Genius collective and everything Kendra Adachi.  She has an awesome 2 part podcast episode on finding your own personal style.  If you struggle with this concept, I would definitely check it out.  

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Daily uniform with red accents

Write it down

This doesn’t have to be anything fancy – it can just be on a notes app on your phone – but you need it somewhere you can reference while you’re creating this rhythm.  You could also put a whiteboard in your closet for quick reminders. 

My daily rhythm in this season looks like this: 

Monday:  leggings (scrub top for work at Dentist) (sweater after work)
Tuesday:  leggings (sweater during the day) (t-shirt+hoodie for dance)
Wednesday:  leggings (sweater during the day) (t-shirt+hoodie for dance)
Thursday:  sweatpants and hoodie (change to leggings for dance)
Friday:  leggings (scrub top for work at Dentist) (t-shirt+hoodie for dance)
Saturday: leggings (t-shirt+hoodie for dance) (sweater after dance)
Sunday:  leggings/sweatpants + sweater/hoodie

As you can see, this is nothing groundbreaking, especially in the winter months when it’s just switching out different layers and I’m in full-on hibernation mode.  

Here is another example of my summer daily uniform: 

Monday:  leggings (scrub top) (tank under) (dance clothes at night)
Tuesday:  romper (dance clothes at night)
Wednesday:  dress (dance clothes at night)
Thursday:  romper (dance clothes at night)
Friday:  leggings (scrub top) (tank under) (dance clothes at night)
Saturday:  dress
Sunday:  athleisure/loungewear 

Remove everything else

Once you figure out your day to day, reflect on your usuals, and stick to only your favorites, REMOVE EVERYTHING ELSE.  I’m serious.  Take it out of your closet.  Store it for the next season or until it fits into your next season of life.  

Having things in your closet that you do not want to include in your sanity-saving daily uniform will only make it more difficult to remember your daily uniform.  And this is all about making things easier and freeing up mental energy.  

Think seasonally

This daily uniform doesn’t (and shouldn’t) be forever.  Seasons change, weather changes, activities change, lifestyles change.  Change is the only constant, right?  So go with the flow and change out your daily uniform when you find it getting stale or no longer fitting your lifestyle.  

Blue t shirt hanging


After reading through all of this, you might find that you do already have a basic daily uniform without realizing it.  Congratulations!  You unknowingly reduced your nonessential decision making to be more efficient elsewhere.  

If this is new to you and you are someone that stands in front of their closet on the daily and stares for 10 minutes before picking out something to wear, get on this please!  You need this and you can totally do this!

Let me know how it goes in the comments and don’t forget to subscribe for weekly blog updates!

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