How to eco-parent: the baby stage
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How to be an Eco-Parent: The Baby Stage

Eco-parenting for new parents

If you’re a first-time parent, things are overwhelming. Hell, if you’re a third or fourth-time parent, things are still overwhelming. The last thing you need to worry about is if your lifestyle can accommodate a baby.

If you’re worried about sustainable living- you have nothing to worry about! Your lifestyle of caring for our planet will carry over into (and inspire!) your parenting. Your eco-parenting journey is just beginning!

What is Eco-Parenting? Find out in this post!

How to be an eco-parent

We pass down our love and respect for the earth through modeling, teaching, and swapping. Here’s how they apply to your newborn.


Everything we do is modeling for our children. As babies, they probably won’t remember too much. So you just get to go on living your green lifestyle and your baby is along for the ride.

(Check out some tips down below to help you on your green living journey with a baby.)


In this stage, teaching is more to get you used to the idea of sprinkling life lessons to your children. Teaching newborns can be done through singing little tunes or choosing to read books supporting a green lifestyle.

When you’re doing things around the house, talk to your baby about what you’re doing, even if it feels silly. As they grow and begin to interact, and then later ask questions, this will come more naturally.


The biggest place to make an impact in the newborn and baby stage is with eco-friendly swaps.

If you’re a first-time mama and making a baby shower registry, you’re at the perfect time to acquire the environmentally friendly products you’d like to use daily with your baby. Take your time to think about what you want and research products you feel strongly about.

Do you want to cloth-diaper or do a hybrid approach to help reduce waste? Are you going to purchase glass bottles for feeding? What about that organic mattress you read about?

If you’re looking for a list of eco-friendly baby products to put on your registry, check out my post here!

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Eco-parenting (for new parents)

Eco-Parent Baby Tips

Here are some tips for eco-parenting babies, in no particular order.

  • Choose second-hand or hand-me-downs whenever possible to extend a product’s life and keep it out of the garbage dump. This can apply to clothes but also to baby gear, bottles and dishes, toys, books, nursery furniture, and more.
  • Look for eco-friendly products second-hand, too. Check thrift stores, consignment shops, and Facebook marketplace before you purchase new.
  • If you’re warming up bottles for your baby by heating water on the stove, don’t dump the water after one use. Use it again. And again. It never touches your baby’s precious milk, only the outside of the bottle.
  • Bathe your baby in the sink or fill a small baby bath – your baby doesn’t need a large bathtub full of water.
  • Use rechargeable batteries for all baby-related gadgets: nursery cams, sound machines, swings, bouncers, and toys…if it has batteries, opt for reusable ones.
  • Start walking. If you are within walking distance of the store or library, walk there with your baby. The logistics of getting a car seat in and out of the car (and the diaper bag/gear) can take longer than actually reaching your destination if you live close. Establish a walking routine that gets you out of the house, into the fresh air, and reduces the use of your car.
  • Less is best. Don’t rely on consumerism to get you through the baby months. Taking a minimalist approach to this stage will help you focus on what’s important: your baby!
  • Lastly, live your life and do it for them! “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”

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