4 ways to keep your house clean with kids
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How To Keep Your House Clean With Kids

I love clear surfaces, perfectly organized shelves, and everything just in its place.  BUT I have 3 kids and 3 pets.  Nothing stays clear or perfectly organized or in its right place.  

However, I have learned what works for me and my family over the years.  Read on for tips and tricks for how to keep a clean house with kids. 

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1. Have daily routines

I have lots of small routines that I use throughout the day to help clean the house.  All of these take less than 5 minutes if done on the regular. 

Evening routine

I’m starting with my evening routine because this is how I “reset” our living area.  


After dinner, all dishes get brought to the sink, rinsed, and put right into the dishwasher. Everything left out on the counters gets put away (I leave very few things on my countertop. Remember- I love clear surfaces!).  I press start on the dishwasher and wipe down the kitchen countertops, kitchen table, dust the top of my tv stand and coffee table (I do a big loop in our high traffic kitchen/living area – and these places love dust), and finish off wiping down the stove and microwave. 

This sounds like a lot, but I whip through and have all this done in 5 minutes while the kids are transitioning to play time after dinner and before bed. Voila!  A clean kitchen.

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Clean house with kids

Living Room

After the kids go to bed, I go to work.  But I don’t like coming home at night to a messy house so I pick up the main living area first.  The kitchen is already done, so this just usually means picking up the living room: putting books back in their basket and pillows back on the couch.  The kids are instructed to clean up their toys before bed as part of their routine.

Again, this process takes about 2 minutes for a clean living room and sets me up for a nice, calm evening when I get home from work and a peaceful morning when I wake up.

Clean house with kids

Morning Routine

Our morning routines are always the same: Kids eat breakfast, brush their teeth and get dressed for school, and then have free time to play or color until my alarm goes off to signal getting out the door.  Their routine is different from my routine because mine involves very specific chores. 

Clean up the dishes and table immediately after breakfast.  The kids take their plates to the sink when they are done eating. I stand at the sink to help them wash their hands and then rinse dishes and put them immediately in the dishwasher. 

Around this time I’m finishing my coffee so my French press gets hand washed and left in the sink to dry.  The kitchen table gets wiped down and I make sure all pantry and fridge items are put away from when I packed lunches. (My son helps me pack lunches before the twins wake up). 

While the kids brush their teeth and get dressed for school, I start my other tasks:  Picking up cat and dog toys off the floor, scooping the cat litter, pressing start on Robo (our eufy vacuum – it’s my bff.  I highly recommend and you can click on the photo below for more info), and starting a load of laundry. 

All of this gets done in another 5 minutes or so.  Quick tasks add up fast to make good cleaning routines!

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Bathroom Routine

We have three bathrooms in our house and they are all relatively small and manageable.  My husband takes care of his own bathroom in the basement.  He is really the only one that uses it because it’s right next to his office.  So that leaves me with our master bathroom and kids bathroom. 

Clean house with kids

Master Bathroom

One day of the week when I shower (usually on Thursday – don’t ask me why), I bundle my shower with cleaning our bathroom.  While the water in my shower heats up, I scrub the toilet and wipe down surfaces and countertops.  Once I’m done in the shower, I squeegee the glass and scrub out the basin.  Bathroom done in no time. I save the floors for the weekend.

Kids Bathroom

I clean the kids bathroom every time they are in the bathtub.  It is a great way to bundle chores without using your mental energy.  Kids get in the bath, I scrub the toilet and wipe down surfaces.  EVERY TIME.  This way, messes don’t build up!  Again, I save the floor for the weekend.  

A Note on the Kids Bathroom

Anytime a mess happens in the bathroom- like a kid spits toothpaste all over the counter instead of in the sink- I clean it immediately.  Do not wait to wipe up the toothpaste or clean the pee off the floor from your toddler.  The longer you wait, the harder it is to clean.  If you have the tools close by this can take 60 seconds or less.

2. Teach Your Kids & Partner Your Systems

I have systems.  I have a lot of systems.  But you know why? They work! Here’s a list of some of my systems: 

  • Dirty clothes go right in the hamper
  • Shoes go in the basket when we enter the house
  • Plates and utensils get taken to the sink after meals and snacks
  • Toys stay off the floor while I run Robo
  • We clean up one mess before we start another mess
  • Garbage goes right in the garbage
  • No toys in the kitchen
  • One for myself:  my craft projects get put away every night 🙂

These are very simple systems or “house rules” that help keep our house in order.  

Clean house with kids

3. Set A Schedule

For other larger cleaning and organizing tasks, I set a schedule for myself.  It’s not rigid, but it helps me stay on task and know what needs to get done. Here are some examples: 

Monday – My twins’ laundry day; water indoor plants

Tuesday – My son’s laundry day 

Wednesday – My laundry day

Thursday – Garbage day (collect all garbage and recycling, clean out fridge), water indoor plants

Friday – Wash sheets and towels

Saturday – Extra cleaning tasks like mopping or washing windows

Sunday – Reset playroom and vacuum floors 

This schedule is not permanent, but fluid.  It changes with the season of life we’re in and that’s totally ok.  I adapt as we go. But the important thing is that I have my priority tasks I need to get done to keep my sanity and consistently tend to these tasks. 

4. Manage Your Expectations

If we’re talking about keeping my sanity… the number one way to do this is to manage expectations.  I live in a house with 3 tiny humans and 3 pets.  It gets messy and disorganized.  Countertops collect clutter and toys don’t get put away.  This is life. The systems and routines I have in place help me to bounce back when we go through a season that’s a little tougher on our home.  Give yourself some grace!


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Clean house with kids


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