Easiest Floating Candle Tutorial Ever
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Simple and Enchanting Floating Candle Tutorial for A Magical Space

Magical Aesthetic

I wanted to bring a certain ⚡️magical⚡️ aesthetic to my living area this season to give it a bit more warmth.  There are tons of tutorials out there on floating candles, however I just found these hooks that are perfect for this task and really streamline the process.  Read on to get the instructions and links for this floating candle tutorial in 2 minutes or less. 

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Materials with links

  • I used one pack of these floating candles. If you choose a different brand, make sure you get one with a remote!
  • 24 AA batteries  (yes, they take a lot)
  • These Command Decorating Clips – Get these ones!
  • Clear Fishing line 

Floating Candle Tutorial


Start by figuring out where you want your candles to hang.  I grabbed my blue painter’s tape and marked spots on my ceiling until I got the spacing right. 

Floating Candle Tutorial


Hang the decorative clips using the instructions given.  Replace each spot on your ceiling with a clear mini clip.  Press each one firmly in place to make sure it’s not going anywhere.  

Floating candle Clips


The instructions say to wait an hour before using the clips to let the adhesive do its magic.  During this down time, go ahead and put the batteries in your candles and turn them on. 


Cut the fishing line to the desired length.  Start by testing out one candle first, then do slight variations of this length to give it a staggered look.  I triple knotted the fishing line at the tapered base of the flame (see picture).  Pull tight!  I did a double overhand knot in the top of the fishing line to hang it from the clip hook. 

Floating candles magical


Enjoy your magical floating candles in the evening and early morning (if you’re up before the sun like me). 

Once you hang your candles, come back and drop us a photo in the comments so we can see!

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