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Easy DIY Fabric Gift Bag for a Sustainable Christmas

If you are trying to be more sustainable this Holiday season, you are probably planning on staying away from gift wrap or finding other ways to wrap gifts.  This year, I told my kids Santa was too busy to wrap presents and instead we are leaving him “Santa Sacks.”  Yes…Santa Sacks.  These are very large fabric gift bags that we are going to leave under the Christmas tree for Santa to fill with each child’s present. 

Obviously, I think this is a fabulous idea because wrapping presents is my least favorite part of the Holidays!  And, like usual, I am looking for zero waste, eco friendly, and sustainable gift wrapping options.  

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Fabric gift bags are great because they can fit large or oddly shaped presents.  You should have seen me trying to wrap a giant baby shark pillow last year…wish I had these then!  You can make these any size, but I chose to make one large bag that can be reused year after year.  

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Sustainable gift wrapping eco friendly fabric gift bag

I took my kids to the fabric store and let them pick out whatever print they wanted.  I used exactly one yard of material and this made it super simple because I didn’t have to measure or cut any material myself.  


  • 1 yard of fabric in your choice of print (we chose 100% cotton)
  • Rope, ribbon, or cording that can be used as a tie
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine (You could do this by hand, but it will take much longer than 5 minutes!)

Steps to make a fabric gift bag


First, lay your material flat on a large surface, right side up

Reusable gift bag tutorial


Second, fold the material in half with right sides together.  If you are using a full yard like me, you’ll fold in half so it will be 18” wide and whatever the length of the material is.

Side note, if your fabric has a print, make sure it is facing the right way. I didn’t realize with the first bag that I sewed it upside down.  Oops! My daughter didn’t notice, either. So it’s fine!

DIY Fabric Gift Bag


Third, pin down the open side and the bottom edge of the material. To be honest, I only pinned the first bag I made for the photos.  The other two I didn’t even bother! It is a 5 minute DIY, right??

DIY Fabric Gift Bag Tutorial


Fourth, sew the long side seam and the bottom seam with a straight stitch.  I went back over the bottom seam with a zigzag just to reinforce it a bit. If you turn it right side out at this point, you will have a large, rectangular sack.  You’re almost done! 

Sustainable Gift Wrapping. DIY Fabric Gift Bag


Fifth, fold the top raw edge down twice so that the edge is hidden.  You can press this with an iron to make it prettier, but I don’t have time for that.  Again, this is a 5 minute DIY!

Reusable Gift Bag Tutorial for Christmas


Almost done! Sew along the double folded seam with a straight stitch


Next, flip the bag right side out.  There should be no raw edges at this point.  Now all you need is a tie!  Cut your cord or ribbon to the desired length for a nice big bow.  Fold it in half and find the center of your sack from the top seam.  Trace down a few inches with your finger and pin on the ribbon or cord. 

5 minute DIY Fabric Gift Bag


Lastly, sew back and forth a few times with a zigzag stitch over the ribbon to secure it in place.  

5 Minute DIY Fabric Gift Bag for Sustainable Wrapping

Ta da!  You have your very own Santa Sack.  This reusable fabric gift bag is super simple and customizable.  It is the rough size of your average 3 year old.  And cats seem to enjoy it, too. 

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Reusable Fabric Gift Bag for a Sustainable Christmas
Cat in Christmas Tree Reusable Fabric Bag Tutorial

A Santa Sack or DIY Fabric Gift Bag is a great way to stay sustainable this Christmas.  You can adapt this tutorial for any sized bag or for any holiday.  To be even more sustainable, use fabric you already have on hand or clothes and textiles that are heading to the donation bin.  

I’d love to see your finished product!  Leave me a comment below!

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