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Challenge Accepted: Declutter the House in a Month (Week 4)

This is it. The final week of my decluttering challenge. I’d be lying if I said I still had the motivation of week one. But the house is looking better and becoming more manageable week by week. 

This week I am focused on bedrooms, especially cleaning out wardrobes for the change in season from summer to fall.  

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Make sure you read to the end! Even though I’m going through bedrooms today, I have some tips for you to get through some other areas of the house that are not as visible.  

Declutter the Twins’ Bedroom

Goal: Pared down drawers for the fall season


  1. Go through hand-me-downs & clothes in storage and find everything in their current size
  2. Sort through by season and keep those they will wear this fall
  3. Empty drawers of current clothes and remove anything too small, off-season, or needs mending
  4. Restock drawers 
  5. Clear off the crap from on top of their dressers
  6. Sort through their “play drawers” and clean out anything that is broken, does not belong, or is not played with

Time it took: 90 mins

Declutter the House


I don’t like changing clothes for the season. It may have something to do with the projected forecast for this weekend being in the 80s after I just took out all the summer stuff. Or maybe it’s because my twins just have so many clothes. Either way, it needed to be done so I pushed on. 

Hand-me-downs are a way of life in my house and I rarely have to purchase new clothes for the girls. But, that means I have to sort and maintain all the storage tubs of clothes in their closet!

If you haven’t read my post, How to Simplify Your Kids’ Wardrobe, you should check it out. I use all of these principles when switching for the season. 

After all the initial sorting and categorizing, I made sure that we had enough clothes without any obvious holes (as in, we have enough jeans to make it through this season at their current size – not literal holes).  

Anything that was getting donated or passed on immediately left the room. Anything that I needed to store until next summer got folded and put back in storage bins.  

Declutter the House

Play Drawers

The twins are not in the phase where they retreat to their room to play yet. (This is definitely where my 6-year-old is!). The girls, however, still play mostly in the living room or playroom. We only keep a small amount of toys in their room: one drawer for baby dolls and accessories, one drawer for dress-ups and knick-knacks, and a Lego bin. 

Most of the time I don’t even try to tidy up their play drawers because at any given moment they will dump everything from the drawer to the ground, and then when it’s clean-up time they just dump everything back in. It’s a lovely system. 

But this time I did want to go through and remove everything that doesn’t belong or they don’t play with. The trinkets they keep in their drawer are things like birthday party favors, cheap toys you pick from the dentist, and random rocks or beads they find while they’re meandering about their day. So I went through those with a fine-toothed comb. 

Their dress-up clothes got shoved into a drawer organizer with space for sunglasses, headbands, and jewelry right next to them. Bags and purses got put into another drawer organizer, and princess dress-up shoes, tiaras, and wands were on full display. 

Declutter the House

Final Clean Up

I worked my way through the top of their dressers while I was cleaning out their play drawers, but I did have one more project for them: to fix their tents. 

They have these beautiful tents that hang over their beds, but a month ago Esmi’s ripped. And Luna wanted hers taken down if Esmi’s was taken down haha. 

So I finally put aside a few minutes to pull out my sewing machine and fix the giant tear in Esmi’s tent. Both tents got hung back up and the room finally came together!

Declutter the House

Declutter my son’s drawers

Goal: Only have clothes he needs for the current season


  1. Go through the bin of hand-me-downs and see if anything is his current size
  2. Sort through by season and keep things he will wear this fall
  3. Empty drawers of current clothes and remove anything too small, out of season, or needs mending
  4. Restock drawers

Time it took: 20 minutes

After going through the girls’ hand-me-downs and drawers, Oliver is a breeze. He has only one bin of hand-me-downs to sort through and a very capsule-esque wardrobe.  

While going through his things, I made a note on my phone of the things we were short on. Several pairs of pants are too short on him this season, so we will need to supplement by purchasing more. 

When it comes to purchasing kids’ clothes, I opt for Savers first. They have a huge selection of kids clothes and I can usually find exactly what I’m looking for at a fraction of the price. After Savers, I go to Target. I love the Cat & Jack brand for my kids and they love it, too. 

As for decluttering the rest of Oliver’s room… I didn’t. Every once in a while we go through with him and clear out a few toys. But he’s very attached to his things and I could never go into his room and clear it out without him. There would be tears and screams for sure.  

His room isn’t a disaster so I’m okay with that right now.  

Declutter my bedroom

Goal: to see the top of my dresser and have an in-season closet


  1. Do all of my laundry so all my current clothes are back in my closet
  2. Take sweaters out of the storage bin, remove all Summer items from the closet, and put them into storage
  3. Clear off the dresser and put things away/back to their homes. Pick up the floor.

Time it took: 30 minutes, not including laundry

My clothes storage bins have gotten increasingly smaller over the years and it makes the process of sorting through for the season very easy. I have my favorite sweaters that I know and love. And I have my favorite summer clothes that I put away. That’s the majority of my swapping for each season. 

I am not a fashion-forward person and choose leggings and band T-shirts over anything else. In the fall, I just add to that a sweater or hoodie and call it a day. I have a couple of nice dresses that stay in storage until I need them for a wedding or event. Easy peasy.

The dresser is another story. It’s a magnet for any type of clutter. Right now it has a plant, remotes, charging cables, my kids’ toys, mismatched socks, receipts, and clothes tags. It just needs a good cleaning, but it never stays clear for more than a few days.  

I know I’m not alone in this! But because it’s not visible to guests, I tend to not worry about cleaning it off too frequently. It always looks so nice afterward!

Declutter the House

Decluttering other parts of the house

In this decluttering challenge I forced upon myself, I focused on the main living areas or places where we spend a lot of time. Those are the places that see a lot of clutter or mess and that have the biggest bang for the buck when cleaning them out. 

There are other areas of the house that I declutter throughout the year depending on need. Here’s what I do: 

Halloween and Christmas decorations

In the garage, we have a storage area that is perfect for our holiday storage. I have one bin of Halloween decorations and 2 bins of Christmas decorations. When I pull out the bin for the season to decorate, anything that we don’t use in decorations that season will get decluttered. And I do this right after decorations go up – not when decorations come down!!

Why is this important? When decorations come down for a season, I usually do it hastily and do not take my time to sort through. In the beginning, I check to make sure lights are working and nothing is broken, so that is the logical place to get rid of anything we don’t plan on using. It’s a simple rule, but it makes a big difference. 

Backyard toys

Backyard and outside toys get cleaned out at the end of the season so we can store only the toys we want to keep and are in good condition. To be honest, many get put out with the garbage at the end of the season. Broken buckets, empty bubble containers, and moldy water toys need to be removed.

Outdoor gear

In our garage storage, we also have room for bikes, scooters, helmets, strollers, camping gear, etc. We tend to clean out this area in the spring when it’s time to take out bikes and scooters again. I’m hoping this year we can downsize our stroller collection.

Craft supplies

I get really crafty in the winter. The long days and nights inside allow me to dust off my sewing machine, pull out my crochet hooks, and create. I love this time. Towards the end of the winter season is when I clean out craft supplies, when I’m winding down for the season and have exhausted my project list. 

Regularly maintaining the above categories of things makes decluttering and managing our stuff much simpler.  

Declutter the house

All in all, I’m glad to be done with this month. It helped my home quite a bit but I’m ready for other projects now. I still need to can more tomatoes!

You know the best part about decluttering? Watching everything leave your house and see the space it creates! I am all for that! Make sure you have a plan to take all the boxes and bags to donation centers so they don’t linger and end up back in your home.  

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