Why you need to take a break from laundry

A Break From Laundry: Why You Need to Stop Doing Laundry Now

Tired of doing laundry? Yeah, me too. I need a break from laundry! But no matter what we do we can’t escape it.  Laundry is a chore. Chores are boring and lead to being overwhelmed. And this chore NEVER RESTS. Here’s your permission to stop doing so much laundry.

Give laundry a break. It’s okay.  

Why do we do so much laundry, anyway? 

We think we have to. Laundry routines haven’t changed too much since electric washers and dryers have come into play. Before that, clothes were washed by hand in tubs with very physical labor involved.  

But once washing machines came around, we were supposed to love doing laundry again. I mean, no more back-breaking work over hot, soapy tubs. We can wash everything with just a few taps of a machine. It’s like magic – how wonderful!

Except with easier access to cleanliness comes the added expectation that we clean things more frequently. Thanks, technology.  

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The difference between clean and dirty

We think things are dirty when they’ve only been worn once. But this is SO NOT TRUE. Too frequent washing can even damage and break down the fibers of our clothes. In turn, leading us to replenish our closets with newer items to launder.  

But here’s the thing: the further away something is from your body, the less you have to wash it. This is common sense if we just took the time to think about it. Underwear? Sure, please wash that after every use. But sweaters that are worn over a tank or t-shirt? No way, not necessary.  

The clean-to-dirty spectrum

The problem is, we take off the sweater that we were just wearing and realize we don’t want to fold it and put it away nicely, but our other option is throwing it in the hamper.  Choosing the hamper is easier.

We need better systems for “in-between” wears. Throwing things on the floor automatically means something is dirty. Tossing items on an unused chair is just going to be a magnet for more piles that will eventually be thrown right into the washing machine.  Hanging and folding take more time.

We need to create a place in our closet or room where worn clothing can air out between wears – not “day one” clean, but also not quite “wash day” dirty. 

CNN has this awesome article on how often you actually need to wash your clothes. It’s a great read.
Check it out here.

Too much of a good thing

Another issue we face? We have too many clothes. When we have more options, we more readily throw things into the dirty hamper. If we had fewer clothes and were more intentional with them, we wouldn’t feel the need to toss them after every wear. 

If you don’t already have a daily uniform, I highly recommend it. See my post here about creating a daily uniform to save your sanity. This will help you automatically cut down on the number of clothes you wear. 

A break from laundry

Take a break from laundry

Laundry has a big impact on our lives. It affects the environment, our daily routines, and even what kinds of clothes we wear. Don’t let laundry run your life. Take back control.

Here’s your permission to stop doing so much laundry and make life a little easier. 

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