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3 Things You Can Do With Your Old Dance Costume

Dance Recital Costumes

Being a dance teacher, I get asked a lot of questions by parents.  

“What time is the dress rehearsal?” 

“What exactly is the style ‘Contemporary’?” 

“Don’t you think she can move up a level?”

“When can my dancer get those toe shoes?”

But one question I hear every year after recital season is, “What do we do with these costumes now?”

As a dancer, a dance instructor, and a dance parent, I’m here to give you 3 Things You Can Do With Your Old Dance Costume in 2 minutes or less. 

1. Wear It

Wear It. You spent $50-$100 (or more) on a recital costume that you will only wear for a handful of performances.  Get your money’s worth!  I encourage my littles to wear them to dance class all the time.  They are meant to be danced in and it always puts the dancers in the right mindset to be fabulous. 

Unused dance costumes

2. Donate It

Ask your dance studio if they have any use for gently used costumes.  We put together a holiday showcase and use a small collection of costumes that we have acquired over the years so dancers don’t have to make additional costume purchases.  Donate to local schools that have dance or theater clubs.  Ask someone with little kids if they’d like fancy costumes for dress up play.  

Old dance costumes

3. Repurpose It

Remove the attached shorts and turn that bodice into a flashy new top.  Take apart the tutu and use the tulle for toy scarves or add to your craft stash. Upcycle that sequin leotard into a sparkly purse. Hand crystaled leotard? Incorporate it into the next wedding or special event outfit.  The options are endless. 

What NOT to do with an Old Dance Costume??

Whatever you do, don’t send that leotard to the landfill.  Something that pretty deserves to hang around a bit and bring others joy.

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