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10 Ridiculously Simple Things You Can Do to Live a More Sustainable Life TODAY

Making a lifestyle change can be completely overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking to live a more sustainable, eco-friendly, or zero waste life, use these 10 ridiculously simple things you can do today to get a little closer to your goal.

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1. Skip the plastic bags at checkout.

This has to be the most popular sustainability tip for beginners after “stop using plastic water bottles.” Why? Because it’s so simple! And there are over 20 areas (states or counties) in the U.S. where single use plastic bags are banned! It takes 1,000 years for plastic bags to break down in a landfill. And even then, they turn into dangerous micro plastics that negatively affect our environment.

What to do instead? Keep a few reusable totes in your car. Or if you’re used to shopping at Aldi or a warehouse club store you may already be in the habit of recycling boxes to carry home your groceries.

Reusable tote

2. Order your toilet paper in bulk from Who Gives A Crap.

Who Gives A Crap is an online retailer that sells bulk toilet paper and other household paper products. They do not use plastic in processing or packaging, and everything is made with sustainable materials. Also, 50% of their profits are donated to non profits. They are a certified B Corp and the best part? It’s almost impossible to run out of toilet paper!

3. Delay laundry day.

You don’t really want to do laundry anyway, right? So let me “convince” you.

Most of us do loads of laundry with regular frequency regardless on the amount of items we have to wash. Meaning, we say “Sunday is laundry day!” and proceed to wash our laundry even if it’s not a full load. Or, maybe you really need one item of clothing washed, so you throw it in with a few other things just to get that one item clean. This is a huge waste of resources!

Instead, we should be washing only when we have a full load of laundry. Try spot cleaning, or choosing clothing that holds up well to multiple wears before needing a wash.

Delaying laundry can save you time and resources. Stay posted for a future post all about this topic!

4. Walk, bike, or carpool.

Remember when air pollution decreased significantly during the COVID pandemic because more people were staying home? That temporary lifestyle change was a huge benefit to the environment.

While we never want to go back to “shelter in place” again, the reduction we saw in greenhouse gas emissions was a plus for Mother Earth.

To continue the positive vibes, choose to walk, bike, or carpool more than you drive in your car.

Don’t forget to start your kids young. Walk with your kids to school, a friend’s house, or the local library. Explain the importance of walking or biking to help our earth.

Bike for the environment

5. Say “No” to plastic utensils and extra napkins.

If you tend to get a lot of takeout, ask to hold the plastic utensils and extra napkins. If you’re just bringing it home, there’s really no need.

You can also put a pack of “to go” cutlery together from odds and ends you’ve thrifted or get a cute little set that has everything you need. I’m in love with this one:

6. Purchase snacks in bulk.

Purchasing in bulk allows us to reduce packaging over time. It’s also usually more cost effective.

For example, instead of buying single serve bags of Cheez-Its, purchase a family size box and portion out in reusable bags or containers for snacks on the go.

This is especially prevalent in kids snacks! Trying to pack a lunch these days without everything wrapped in plastic is challenging! Stay tuned for a future post on zero-waste school lunches.

7. Give something a new life.

This can apply to anything! Refill soap dispensers instead of tossing and buying a new one. Upcycle that dress you never really loved into a different piece of clothing, use it for a different craft project, or give it to someone you think will actually use it. Use small boxes as drawer organizers. Save and clean jars for food storage.

Does your community have a Buy Nothing Group? This is a great way to give things a second life and pass on to people that actually want or need an item you may be looking to throw away.

8. Borrow or rent.

Before you purchase something, ask yourself if you can rent or borrow it instead. This is especially true for something you will use temporarily or infrequently.

Libraries rent books, movies, and music, but some also rent other household items you might need. Places like Home Depot rent tools and household machines.

Don’t forget to ask friends or family! Just make sure you’re returning items in good condition!

Borrow or rent for sustainabiilty

9. Gift an experience instead of things.

Gifting experiences cuts down on packaging, shipping, and overall consumerism. Whether you prefer an eco-friendly or minimalist lifestyle, or just aren’t sure what to get someone, experience gifts can often benefits for everyone.

10. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one.

We’re supposed to be replacing our toothbrushes every 3 months. If you live to 75 years old (a very conservative estimate), that’s 300 plastic toothbrushes in a landfill over your lifetime.

Bamboo brushes can actually decompose or be composted, taking away the guilt of 300 plastic pieces that will take 500 years to decompose.

There are so many other places in your home or life you can be making simple eco-friendly product swaps. Check out more in my bathroom post below.

Sustainable bathroom

Live A More Sustainable Life Today!

There you have it! I hope you found at least one thing that is super simple and can help you make your life more sustainable today. Because change doesn’t need to be overwhelming!

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